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In-Situ Remediation 

  • In-Situ Bioremediation

  • In-Situ Chemical Oxidation

  • In-Situ Chemical Reduction

  • Design Optimization Testing

  • Hydraulic Emplacement

  • Permeable Reactive Barriers

Experience matters.  Injection services is our core offering and our focus as a company.  Our team of in-house personnel offers decades of direct experience implementing remediation designs on complex, high profile sites across the country.  Our equipment is specially designed to not only support a wide range of reagents but also to provide the highest degree of safety and efficiency in order to meet our client’s objectives.  Our focus on quality and safety, which we apply to each and every injection engagement, is the very basis of our culture and identity at TWS.

ChemGrout Pump Operation - ISCO.jpg
NC Injection Project.jpg

TWS uses various sized multi-port custom built injection manifolds which allows us to inject on a single location or up to 20 or more simultaneous injection locations as specified by a scope of work.  Each injection location has a dedicated pressure relief valve, flow/totalizer meter and pressure gauge to track volumes, flow rates and pressures at each location. Our manifolds are chemically compatible with all industry standard reagents to include persulfates, caustics, permanganates, peroxides, and bio amendments.  Based on the requirements of a project, TWS can incorporate a range of flow meters on the manifolds including meters capable of reading flow rates as low as 0.5 gallons per minute (gpm) or as high as 10 or more gpm per individual location.

Support Services

TWS offers a full range of services ranging from brush clearing to air-vac/air-knife soft digging in support of injections.  These services are offered turnkey on existing injection engagements or can be offered as a stand-alone service when needed.  



Brush Clearing.jpg

Brush Clearing

DPT Rig.jpg

DPT Sampling

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