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Safety First and Foremost

TWS is firmly committed to providing a safe work environment for our employees, our clients, and the general public.  TWS maintains a solid and reliable Environmental, Health and Safety system, which is behavioral based in approach and begins with four guiding principles:

  • Leadership – Establish strong and interactive leadership, at all levels, who are visible and active in demonstrating commitment to responsible health and safety management into the everyday business activities.

  • Shared Vision – Promote the belief that all incidents are preventable.    Nothing is so important to sacrifice safety to get it done; Safety First and Foremost.

  • Accountability – Have clearly defined safety roles, responsibilities and expectations at every level and provide the necessary resources to achieve individual and team safety success.

  • Continual Improvement – Foster effective and open communication and strive for continual improvement through individual, team and peer-to-peer assessments and evaluations, performance measurements and readjustment of actions where necessary to meet safety goals and objectives.

We firmly believe that our people make the difference.  We mentor, train and provide the tools and resources which offers the TWS Team the unique ability to proactively assess and implement solid and practical solutions to meet the ever changing safety needs of our client base.

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